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Tricuspid Intervention in Heart Failure (TRICI-HF-DZHK24)

An insufficient tricuspid valve is a severe and progressive disease that often leads to a progressive deterioration of the clinical condition. Until some time ago, only cardiac surgery was available to treat the valve. Only during the last few years have minimally invasive treatment methods using cardiac catheter technology become available.

The DZHK study TRICI-HF-DZHK24 is the first industry-independent, multi-centre study to examine for several such catheter-based systems whether this intervention brings benefits to patients compared to a purely drug-based therapy. For this purpose, the scientists assess how many patients survive over 12 months after the intervention and whether hospitalisation due to heart failure becomes necessary.


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Principal Investigators

Principal investigator: Jörg Hausleiter (München), Co-PI: Thomas Stocker, Daniel Braun, Steffen Massberg (München)

Press releases and news

Percutaneous tricuspid valve repair: a future route out of right heart failure? (TRICI-HF-DZHK24 study)

A new study by the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) examines whether patients with a...

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