Publikationen 2023

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Zu den DZHK Papers of the Month


Effects of empaglifozin on collagen biomarkers in patients with Heart Failure. Findings from the EMPEROR trials. Ferreira, J. P., Butler, J., Anker, S. D., Januzzi, J. L., Panova-Noeva, M., Reese-Petersen, A. L., Sattar, N., Schueler, E., Pocock, S. J., Filippatos, G., Packer, M., Sumin, M., Zannad, F., committees, E. & investigators. Eur J Heart Fail (2023). 

GPD1L-A306del modifies sodium current in a family carrying the dysfunctional SCN5A-G1661R mutation associated with Brugada syndrome. Semino, F., Darche, F. F., Bruehl, C., Koenen, M., Skladny, H., Katus, H. A., Frey, N., Draguhn, A. & Schweizer, P. A. Pflugers Arch (2023). 

Repeat pulmonary vein isolation and anterior line ablation using a novel point-by-point pulsed field ablation system. Wenzel, J. P., Lemoine, M. D., Rottner, L., My, I., Moser, F., Obergassel, J., Nies, M., Riess, J., Ismaili, D., Nikorowitsch, J., Ouyang, F., Kirchhof, P., Rillig, A., Metzner, A. & Reissmann, B. Heart Rhythm (2023). 

Risk Assessment Of Coronary Obstruction For The ACURATE Transcatheter Heart Valve. Kim, W. K., Eckel, C., Charitos, E. I., Renker, M., Grothusen, C., Choi, Y. H., Hamm, C., Blumenstein, J., Sossalla, S. & Mollmann, H. Am J Cardiol (2023). 

Correction: Completing the view - histologic insights from circular AAA specimen including 3D imaging : A methodologic approach towards histologic analysis of circumferential AAA samples. Menges, A. L., Nackenhorst, M., Muller, J. R., Engl, M. L., Hegenloh, R., Pelisek, J., Geibelt, E., Hofmann, A., Reeps, C., Biro, G., Eckstein, H. H., Zimmermann, A., Magee, D., Falk, M., Sachs, N. & Busch, A. Diagn Pathol 18, 130 (2023). 

Impact of Finerenone-Induced Albuminuria Reduction on Chronic Kidney Disease Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes : A Mediation Analysis. Agarwal, R., Tu, W., Farjat, A. E., Farag, Y. M. K., Toto, R., Kaul, S., Lawatscheck, R., Rohwedder, K., Ruilope, L. M., Rossing, P., Pitt, B., Filippatos, G., Anker, S. D., Bakris, G. L., Fidelio, D. K. D. & Investigators, F.-D. Ann Intern Med (2023). 

Finerenone in Black Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and CKD: A Post hoc Analysis of the Pooled FIDELIO-DKD and FIGARO-DKD Trials. Flack, J. M., Agarwal, R., Anker, S. D., Pitt, B., Ruilope, L. M., Rossing, P., Adler, S. G., Fried, L., Jamerson, K., Toto, R., Brinker, M., Farjat, A. E., Kolkhof, P., Lawatscheck, R., Joseph, A., Bakris, G. L., Fidelio, D. K. D. & Investigators, F.-D. Kidney Med 5, 100730 (2023). 

Goal-directed colloid versus crystalloid therapy and microcirculatory blood flow following ischemia/reperfusion. Behem, C. R., Friedheim, T., Holthusen, H., Rapp, A., Suntrop, T., Graessler, M. F., Pinnschmidt, H. O., Wipper, S. H., von Lucadou, M., Schwedhelm, E., Renne, T., Pfister, K., Schierling, W. & Trepte, C. J. C. Microvasc Res 152, 104630 (2023). 

Response to: Correspondence on 'Definition of age-dependent reference values for the diameter of the common bile duct and pancreatic duct on MRCP: still needed further discussion' by Wang et al. Hannemann, A., Mayerle, J. & Beyer, G. Gut (2023). 

Dermal features derived from optoacoustic tomograms via machine learning correlate microangiopathy phenotypes with diabetes stage. Karlas, A., Katsouli, N., Fasoula, N. A., Bariotakis, M., Chlis, N. K., Omar, M., He, H., Iakovakis, D., Schaffer, C., Kallmayer, M., Fuchtenbusch, M., Ziegler, A., Eckstein, H. H., Hadjileontiadis, L. & Ntziachristos, V. Nat Biomed Eng 7, 1667-1682 (2023). 

Diagnostic value of papillary muscle hypertrophy and mitral valve thickness to discriminate cardiac amyloidosis and Fabry disease. Mattig, I., Steudel, T., Barzen, G., Frumkin, D., Spethmann, S., Dorta, E. R., Stangl, K., Heidecker, B., Landmesser, U., Knebel, F., Canaan-Kuhl, S., Hahn, K. & Brand, A. Int J Cardiol, 131629 (2023). 

Evaluation of MR-safe bioptomes for MR-guided endomyocardial biopsy in minipigs: a potential radiation-free clinical approach. Svetlove, A., Ritter, C. O., Dullin, C., Schmid, M., Schauer, S., Uihlein, J., Uecker, M., Mietsch, M., Stadelmann, C., Lotz, J. & Unterberg-Buchwald, C. Eur Radiol Exp 7, 76 (2023). 

Lysinuric protein intolerance caused by a homozygous SLC7A7 deletion and presented with hyperferritinemia and osteoporosis in two siblings. Kalay, I., Aykut, H., Caliskan, Z., Yigit, G. & Wollnik, B. Mol Genet Metab Rep 37, 101022 (2023). 

Smoking influence in Takotsubo syndrome: insights from an international cohort. Nunez-Gil, I. J., Santoro, F., Vazirani, R., Novo, G., Blanco-Ponce, E., Arcari, L., Uribarri, A., Cacciotti, L., Guerra, F., Salamanca, J., Musumeci, B., Vedia, O., Mariano, E., Fernandez-Cordon, C., Caldarola, P., Montisci, R., Brunetti, N. D., El-Battrawy, I., Abumayyaleh, M., Akin, I., Eitel, I. & Stiermaier, T. Front Cardiovasc Med 10, 1282018 (2023). 

Sex- and age-related differences in the inflammatory properties of cardiac fibroblasts: impact on the cardiosplenic axis and cardiac fibrosis. Pappritz, K., Puhl, S. L., Matz, I., Brauer, E., Shia, Y. X., El-Shafeey, M., Koch, S. E., Miteva, K., Mucha, C., Duda, G. N., Petersen, A., Steffens, S., Tschope, C. & Van Linthout, S. Front Cardiovasc Med 10, 1117419 (2023). 

Kinin B1 receptor controls maternal adiponectin levels and influences offspring weight gain. Alves-Silva, T., Hungaro, T. G. R., Freitas-Lima, L. C., de Melo Arthur, G., Arruda, A. C., Santos, R. B., Oyama, L. M., Mori, M. A. S., Bader, M. & Araujo, R. C. iScience 26, 108409 (2023). 

Dissolution of spiral wave's core using cardiac optogenetics. Hussaini, S., Ladke, S. L., Schroder-Schetelig, J., Venkatesan, V., Quinonez Uribe, R. A., Richter, C., Majumder, R. & Luther, S. PLoS Comput Biol 19, e1011660 (2023). 

RNA Modification That Breaks the Heart: RNA Acetylase Nat10 Promotes Fibrosis. Kurian, L. & Brandes, R. P. Circ Res 133, 1003-1005 (2023). 

Impaired Detoxification of Trans, Trans-2,4-Decadienal, an Oxidation Product from Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Alters Insulin Signaling, Gluconeogenesis and Promotes Microvascular Disease. Qian, X., Klatt, S., Bennewitz, K., Wohlfart, D. P., Lou, B., Meng, Y., Buettner, M., Poschet, G., Morgenstern, J., Fleming, T., Sticht, C., Hausser, I., Fleming, I., Szendroedi, J., Nawroth, P. P. & Kroll, J. Adv Sci (Weinh), e2302325 (2023). 

Editorial for "Right Ventricular Function in Takayasu's Arteritis Patients With Pulmonary Artery Involvement Using MRI Feature Tracking". Voges, I. & Krupickova, S. J Magn Reson Imaging (2023). 

Safety and Tolerability of Inclisiran for Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia in 7 Clinical Trials. Wright, R. S., Koenig, W., Landmesser, U., Leiter, L. A., Raal, F. J., Schwartz, G. G., Lesogor, A., Maheux, P., Stratz, C., Zang, X. & Ray, K. K. J Am Coll Cardiol 82, 2251-2261 (2023). 

Extract from the 2022 ESC Guidelines on cardiovascular assessment and management of patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery - Patient Blood Management. Halvorsen, S., Mehilli, J., Choorapoikayil, S. & Zacharowski, K. Blood Transfus (2023). 

An ex-vivo and in-vitro dynamic simulator for surgical and transcatheter mitral valve interventions. Karl, R., Romano, G., Marx, J., Eden, M., Schlegel, P., Stroh, L., Fischer, S., Hehl, M., Kuhle, R., Mohl, L., Karck, M., Frey, N., De Simone, R. & Engelhardt, S. Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg (2023). 

Inflammatory burden, lifestyle and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: insights from a population based cohort study. Bay, B., Blaum, C., Kellner, C., Bei der Kellen, R., Ojeda, F., Waibel, J., Arnold, N., Behrendt, C. A., Rimmele, D. L., Thomalla, G., Twerenbold, R., Blankenberg, S., Zyriax, B., Brunner, F. J. & Waldeyer, C. Sci Rep 13, 21761 (2023). 

Role of Phosphodiesterase 1 in the Regulation of Real-Time cGMP Levels and Contractility in Adult Mouse Cardiomyocytes. Bork, N. I., Subramanian, H., Kurelic, R., Nikolaev, V. O. & Rybalkin, S. D. Cells 12 (2023). 

Downregulation of mitochondrial metabolism is a driver for fast skeletal muscle loss during mouse aging. Fernando, R., Shindyapina, A. V., Ost, M., Santesmasses, D., Hu, Y., Tyshkovskiy, A., Yim, S. H., Weiss, J., Gladyshev, V. N., Grune, T. & Castro, J. P. Commun Biol 6, 1240 (2023). 

Optimization of the Reconstruction Settings for Low-Dose Ultra-High-Resolution Photon-Counting Detector CT of the Lungs. Graafen, D., Halfmann, M. C., Emrich, T., Yang, Y., Kreuter, M., Duber, C., Kloeckner, R., Muller, L. & Jorg, T. Diagnostics (Basel) 13 (2023). 

The Potential of Intertwining Gene Diagnostics and Surgery for Mitral Valve Prolapse. Iske, J., Roesel, M. J., Cesarovic, N., Pitts, L., Steiner, A., Knoedler, L., Nazari-Shafti, T. Z., Akansel, S., Jacobs, S., Falk, V., Kempfert, J. & Kofler, M. J Clin Med 12 (2023). 

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Syryca, F., Pellegrini, C., Rheude, T., Zobel, F., Kornhuber, K., Xhepa, E., Mayr, N. P., Alvarez-Covarrubias, H. A., Holdenrieder, S., Schunkert, H., Thilo, C., Kastrati, A. & Joner, M. Cardiovasc Revasc Med (2023). 

Wnt/beta-Catenin-Signaling Modulates Megakaryopoiesis at the Megakaryocyte-Erythrocyte Progenitor Stage in the Hematopoietic System. Yalcin, B. H., Macas, J., Wiercinska, E., Harter, P. N., Fawaz, M., Schmachtel, T., Ghiro, I., Bieniek, E., Kosanovic, D., Thom, S., Fruttiger, M., Taketo, M. M., Schermuly, R. T., Rieger, M. A., Plate, K. H., Bonig, H. & Liebner, S. Cells 12 (2023). 

Unraveling the brain's response to hypoglycemia: Neurovascular coupling. Duarte, J. M. & Schwaninger, M. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 271678X231220082 (2023). 

Role of endothelial PDGFB in arterio-venous malformations pathogenesis. Lin, Y., Gahn, J., Banerjee, K., Dobreva, G., Singhal, M., Dubrac, A. & Ola, R. Angiogenesis (2023). 

Last, but Not Least: TricValve Implantation Reduces Heart Failure Burden in Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation. Stocker, T. J. JACC Cardiovasc Interv (2023). 

Programming human cell fate: overcoming challenges and unlocking potential through technological breakthroughs. Lin, H. C., Makhlouf, A., Vazquez Echegaray, C., Zawada, D. & Simoes, F. Development 150 (2023). 

Prognostic utility of a multi-biomarker panel in patients with suspected myocardial infarction. Toprak, B., Weimann, J., Lehmacher, J., Haller, P. M., Hartikainen, T. S., Schock, A., Karakas, M., Renne, T., Zeller, T., Twerenbold, R., Sorensen, N. A., Westermann, D. & Neumann, J. T. Clin Res Cardiol (2023). 

Microdissection and Immunofluorescence Staining of Myocardial Sleeves in Murine Pulmonary Veins. Villgrater, H. E., Xia, R., Sharma Chivukula, A., Tomsits, P. & Clauss, S. J Vis Exp (2023). 

Longitudinal development of central SBP in children with congenital heart disease. Willinger, L., Brudy, L., Meyer, M., Oberhoffer-Fritz, R., Ewert, P. & Muller, J. J Cardiovasc Med (Hagerstown) 25, 68-75 (2024). 

A nationwide trend analysis on the usage of endomyocardial biopsy. Keller, K., Gobel, S., Gori, T., Munzel, T., Wenzel, P. & Hobohm, L. Clin Cardiol, e24198 (2023). 

miR-222 inhibits pathological cardiac hypertrophyand heart failure. Liu, X., Li, H., Hastings, M. H., Xiao, C., Damilano, F., Platt, C., Lerchenmuller, C., Zhu, H., Wei, X. P., Yeri, A., Most, P. & Rosenzweig, A. Cardiovasc Res (2023). 

Impact of Anemia and Iron Deficiency on Outcomes in Cardiogenic Shock Complicating Acute Myocardial Infarction. Obradovic, D., Loncar, G., Zeymer, U., Poss, J., Feistritzer, H. J., Freund, A., Jobs, A., Fuernau, G., Desch, S., Ceglarek, U., Isermann, B., von Haehling, S., Anker, S. D., Buttner, P. & Thiele, H. Eur J Heart Fail (2023). 

Late-stage synthesis of heterobifunctional molecules for PROTAC applications via ruthenium catalysed C‒H amidation. Antermite, D., Friis, S. D., Johansson, J. R., Putra, O. D., Ackermann, L. & Johansson, M. J. Nat Commun 14, 8222 (2023). 

Hypertension in the first blood pressure reading and the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality in the general population: findings from the prospective KORA study. Atasoy, S., Henningsen, P., Johar, H., Middeke, M., Sattel, H., Linkohr, B., Ruckert-Eheberg, I. M., Heier, M., Peters, A. & Ladwig, K. H. J Hypertens (2023). 

Tricuspid valve disease and cardiac implantable electronic devices. Andreas, M., Burri, H., Praz, F., Soliman, O., Badano, L., Barreiro, M., Cavalcante, J. L., de Potter, T., Doenst, T., Friedrichs, K., Hausleiter, J., Karam, N., Kodali, S., Latib, A., Marijon, E., Mittal, S., Nickenig, G., Rinaldi, A., Rudzinski, P., Russo, M., Starck, C., von Bardeleben, R. S., Wunderlich, N., Zamorano, J. L., Hahn, R. T., Maisano, F. & Leclercq, C. Eur Heart J (2023). 

Surgical ablation of long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation: 1-year outcomes from the CArdioSurgEry Atrial Fibrillation (CASE-AF) registry. Grubitzsch, H., Caliskan, E., Ouarrak, T., Senges, J., Doll, N., Knaut, M., Lewalter, T., Eichinger, W., Niemann, B., Friedrich, I., Hanke, T., Falk, V. & Investigators, C.-A. Interdiscip Cardiovasc Thorac Surg (2023). 

Immunomodulatory leptin receptor(+) sympathetic perineurial barrier cells protect against obesity by facilitating brown adipose tissue thermogenesis. Haberman, E. R., Sarker, G., Arus, B. A., Ziegler, K. A., Meunier, S., Martinez-Sanchez, N., Freibergerova, E., Yilmaz-Ozcan, S., Fernandez-Gonzalez, I., Zentai, C., O'Brien, C. J. O., Grainger, D. E., Sidarta-Oliveira, D., Chakarov, S., Raimondi, A., Iannacone, M., Engelhardt, S., Lopez, M., Ginhoux, F. & Domingos, A. I. Immunity (2023). 

Recognizing patients as candidates for temporary mechanical circulatory support along the spectrum of cardiogenic shock. Montisci, A., Panoulas, V., Chieffo, A., Skurk, C., Schafer, A., Werner, N., Baldetti, L., D'Ettore, N. & Pappalardo, F. Eur Heart J Suppl 25, I3-I10 (2023). 

From escalation to weaning strategies: how to integrate the ECMELLA concept. Schrage, B., Bernhardt, A., Potapov, E., Bertoldi, L. F. & Mangner, N. Eur Heart J Suppl 25, I39-I43 (2023). 

In memoriam: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann. Shah, P. W., Hashmi, S., Reinberger, T., Odenthal, N., Eichelmann, L., Kosenko, D., Ahmad, I., Al-Hasani, J., Demal, T. J., Aherrahrou, Z. & Aherrahrou, R. IUBMB Life (2023). 

Extent of Abdominal Aortic Calcification Is Associated With Incident Rapid Weight Loss Over 5 Years: The Perth Longitudinal Study of Ageing Women. Smith, C., Sim, M., Dalla Via, J., Gebre, A. K., Zhu, K., Lim, W. H., Teh, R., Kiel, D. P., Schousboe, J. T., Levinger, I., von Haehling, S., Woodman, R., Coats, A. J. S., Prince, R. L. & Lewis, J. R. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 44, e54-e64 (2024). 

Multi-parametric non-contrast cardiac magnetic resonance for the differentiation between cardiac amyloidosis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Steen, H., Montenbruck, M., Kallifatidis, A., Andre, F., Frey, N., Kelle, S. & Korosoglou, G. Clin Res Cardiol (2023). 

Timing and treatment strategies according to SCAI classification in cardiogenic shock. Tarantini, G., Masiero, G., Thiele, H., Iannaccone, M., Schrage, B., Hassager, C., Woitek, F., Chieffo, A. & Moller, J. E. Eur Heart J Suppl 25, I19-I23 (2023). 

Implications for neutrophils in cardiac arrhythmias. Hegemann, N., Barth, L., Doering, Y., Voigt, N. & Grune, J. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol (2023). 

Ultrasonographic assessment of pulmonary and central venous congestion in experimental heart failure. Hegemann, N., Sang, P., Kim, J. H., Kocana, C., Momin, N., Klages, J., Kucherenko, M. M., Knosalla, C., O'Brien, B., Simmons, S., Nahrendorf, M., Kuebler, W. M. & Grune, J. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol (2023). 

Serum lipoprotein subfractions are associated with the periodontal status: Results from the population-based cohort SHIP-TREND. Kapp, M., Holtfreter, B., Kocher, T., Friedrich, N., Pink, C., Volzke, H. & Nauck, M. J Clin Periodontol (2023). 

Remodelling of cAMP dynamics within the SERCA2a microdomain in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction caused by obesity and type 2 diabetes. Lai, P., Hille, S. S., Subramanian, H., Weigman, R., Roser, P., Muller, O. J., Nikolaev, V. O. & De Jong, K. A. Cardiovasc Res (2023). 

Iron accumulation drives fibrosis, senescence and the senescence-associated secretory phenotype. Maus, M., Lopez-Polo, V., Mateo, L., Lafarga, M., Aguilera, M., De Lama, E., Meyer, K., Sola, A., Lopez-Martinez, C., Lopez-Alonso, I., Guasch-Piqueras, M., Hernandez-Gonzalez, F., Chaib, S., Rovira, M., Sanchez, M., Faner, R., Agusti, A., Dieguez-Hurtado, R., Ortega, S., Manonelles, A., Engelhardt, S., Monteiro, F., Stephan-Otto Attolini, C., Prats, N., Albaiceta, G., Cruzado, J. M. & Serrano, M. Nat Metab (2023). 

Assessment of oropharyngeal respiratory volume and sleep apnoea scores using peripheral arterial tonometry may improve diagnosis and treatment planning of combined dysgnathia therapy approaches. Wiechens, B., Backhaus, S. J., Oestreicher, D., Beutner, D., Schliephake, H., Meyer-Marcotty, P. & Brockmeyer, P. J Oral Rehabil (2023). 

Major In-Hospital Complications after Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias - Individual Case Analysis of 43,031 Procedures. Eckardt, L., Doldi, F., Anwar, O., Gessler, N., Scherschel, K., Kahle, A. K., von Falkenhausen, A. S., Thaler, R., Wolfes, J., Metzner, A., Meyer, C., Willems, S., Kobe, J., Lange, P. S., Frommeyer, G., Kuck, K. H., Kaab, S., Steinbeck, G. & Sinner, M. F. Europace (2023). 

Insertion of a FLAG-tag sequence at the end of exon 9 of the TBX5 gene in three induced pluripotent stem cell lines (DHMi004-A-4, DHMi004-A-5, DHMi004-A-6) by CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Lahm, H., Singh, N. K., Gottmann, I., Doppler, S. A., Dzilic, E., Preisler, H., Schneider, S., Lange, R., Krane, M. & Dressen, M. Stem Cell Res 74, 103261 (2023). 

Safety and efficacy of factor XIa inhibition with milvexian for secondary stroke prevention (AXIOMATIC-SSP): a phase 2, international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-finding trial. Sharma, M., Molina, C. A., Toyoda, K., Bereczki, D., Bangdiwala, S. I., Kasner, S. E., Lutsep, H. L., Tsivgoulis, G., Ntaios, G., Czlonkowska, A., Shuaib, A., Amarenco, P., Endres, M., Yoon, B. W., Tanne, D., Toni, D., Yperzeele, L., von Weitzel-Mudersbach, P., Sampaio Silva, G., Avezum, A., Dawson, J., Strbian, D., Tatlisumak, T., Eckstein, J., Ameriso, S. F., Weber, J. R., Sandset, E. C., Goar Pogosova, N., Lavados, P. M., Arauz, A., Gailani, D., Diener, H. C., Bernstein, R. A., Cordonnier, C., Kahl, A., Abelian, G., Donovan, M., Pachai, C., Li, D. & Hankey, G. J. Lancet Neurol 23, 46-59 (2024). 

Author Correction: Optical coherence tomography in coronary atherosclerosis assessment and intervention. Araki, M., Park, S. J., Dauerman, H. L., Uemura, S., Kim, J. S., Di Mario, C., Johnson, T. W., Guagliumi, G., Kastrati, A., Joner, M., Holm, N. R., Alfonso, F., Wijns, W., Adriaenssens, T., Nef, H., Rioufol, G., Amabile, N., Souteyrand, G., Meneveau, N., Gerbaud, E., Opolski, M. P., Gonzalo, N., Tearney, G. J., Bouma, B., Aguirre, A. D., Mintz, G. S., Stone, G. W., Bourantas, C. V., Raber, L., Gili, S., Mizuno, K., Kimura, S., Shinke, T., Hong, M. K., Jang, Y., Cho, J. M., Yan, B. P., Porto, I., Niccoli, G., Montone, R. A., Thondapu, V., Papafaklis, M. I., Michalis, L. K., Reynolds, H., Saw, J., Libby, P., Weisz, G., Iannaccone, M., Gori, T., Toutouzas, K., Yonetsu, T., Minami, Y., Takano, M., Raffel, O. C., Kurihara, O., Soeda, T., Sugiyama, T., Kim, H. O., Lee, T., Higuma, T., Nakajima, A., Yamamoto, E., Bryniarski, K. L., Di Vito, L., Vergallo, R., Fracassi, F., Russo, M., Seegers, L. M., McNulty, I., Park, S., Feldman, M., Escaned, J., Prati, F., Arbustini, E., Pinto, F. J., Waksman, R., Garcia-Garcia, H. M., Maehara, A., Ali, Z., Finn, A. V., Virmani, R., Kini, A. S., Daemen, J., Kume, T., Hibi, K., Tanaka, A., Akasaka, T., Kubo, T., Yasuda, S., Croce, K., Granada, J. F., Lerman, A., Prasad, A., Regar, E., Saito, Y., Sankardas, M. A., Subban, V., Weissman, N. J., Chen, Y., Yu, B., Nicholls, S. J., Barlis, P., West, N. E. J., Arbab-Zadeh, A., Ye, J. C., Dijkstra, J., Lee, H., Narula, J., Crea, F., Nakamura, S., Kakuta, T., Fujimoto, J., Fuster, V. & Jang, I. K. Nat Rev Cardiol (2023). 

Age standardization and time-of-day performance for the Oldenburg Sentence Test (OLSA): results from the population-based Gutenberg Health Study. O'Brien, K., Hackenberg, B., Doge, J., Bohnert, A., Rader, T., Lackner, K. J., Beutel, M. E., Munzel, T., Wild, P. S., Chalabi, J., Schuster, A. K., Schmidtmann, I., Matthias, C. & Bahr-Hamm, K. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2023). 

Increased Chamber Resting Tone Is a Key Determinant of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction. Tamargo, M., Martinez-Legazpi, P., Espinosa, M. A., Lyon, A., Mendez, I., Gutierrez-Ibanes, E., Fernandez, A. I., Prieto-Arevalo, R., Gonzalez-Mansilla, A., Arts, T., Delhaas, T., Mombiela, T., Sanz-Ruiz, R., Elizaga, J., Yotti, R., Tschope, C., Fernandez-Aviles, F., Lumens, J. & Bermejo, J. Circ Heart Fail 16, e010673 (2023). 

Medical graphics to improve patient understanding and anxiety in elderly and cognitively impaired patients scheduled for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). Brand, A., Hornig, C., Crayen, C., Hamann, A., Martineck, S., Leistner, D. M., Dreger, H., Sundermann, S., Unbehaun, A., Sherif, M., Haghikia, A., Bischoff, S., Lueg, J., Kuhnle, Y., Paul, O., Squier, S., Stangl, K., Falk, V., Landmesser, U. & Stangl, V. Clin Res Cardiol (2023). 

Regulation of Thyroid Hormone Gatekeepers by Thyrotropin in Tanycytes. Chandrasekar, A., Schmidtlein, P. M., Neve, V., Rivagorda, M., Spiecker, F., Gauthier, K., Prevot, V., Schwaninger, M. & Muller-Fielitz, H. Thyroid (2024). 

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Paper of the Month:

High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Enhances Preeclampsia Prediction Beyond Maternal Factors and the sFlt-1/PlGF Ratio. DZHK-authors: Stefan Blankenberg, Tanja Zeller. Circulation, 2023.

Targeting a cell-specific microRNA repressor of CXCR4 ameliorates atherosclerosis in mice. Cimen, I., Natarelli, L., Abedi Kichi, Z., Henderson, J. M., Farina, F. M., Briem, E., Aslani, M., Megens, R. T. A., Jansen, Y., Mann-Fallenbuchel, E., Gencer, S., Duchene, J., Nazari-Jahantigh, M., van der Vorst, E. P. C., Enard, W., Doring, Y., Schober, A., Santovito, D. & Weber, C. Sci Transl Med 15, eadf3357 (2023). 

Editorial: Women in Cardiac Electrophysiology: 2022. Meo, M., Fenske, S. & Chowdhury, R. Front Physiol 14, 1299403 (2023). 

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Paper of the Month

Supervised exercise training in patients with advanced heart failure and left ventricular assist device: A multicentre randomized controlled trial (Ex-VAD trial). DZHK-authors: Anna Feuerstein, Felix Schönrath, Tim Friede, Marius Placzek, Doris Bach, Christoph Herrmann-Lingen, Michael Roden, Marcus Dörr, Stephan von Haehling, Martin Halle, Volkmar Falk, Burkert Pieske, Frank Edelmann. European Journal of Heart Failure, 2023.

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Paper of the Month

Cell-intrinsic effects of clonal hematopoiesis in heart failure. DZHK-authors: Wesley T. Abplanalp, Sebastian Cremer, Maximilian Merten, Mariana Shumliakivska, Igor Macinkovic, Andreas M. Zeiher, David John & Stefanie Dimmeler. Nature Cardiovascular Researc. 2023.

A suspension of inactivated bacteria used for vaccination against recurrent urinary tract infections increases the phagocytic activity of murine macrophages. Eggers, A., Balluer, M., Mohamed, B. A., Nau, R. & Seele, J. Front Immunol 14, 1180785 (2023). 

The atypical antidepressant tianeptine confers neuroprotection against oxygen-glucose deprivation. Ersoy, B., Herzog, M. L., Pan, W., Schilling, S., Endres, M., Gottert, R., Kronenberg, G. D. & Gertz, K. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci (2023). 

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Mural cell-derived chemokines provide a protective niche to safeguard vascular macrophages and limit chronic inflammation. Pekayvaz, K., Gold, C., Hoseinpour, P., Engel, A., Martinez-Navarro, A., Eivers, L., Coletti, R., Joppich, M., Dionisio, F., Kaiser, R., Tomas, L., Janjic, A., Knott, M., Mehari, F., Polewka, V., Kirschner, M., Boda, A., Nicolai, L., Schulz, H., Titova, A., Kilani, B., Lorenz, M., Fingerle-Rowson, G., Bucala, R., Enard, W., Zimmer, R., Weber, C., Libby, P., Schulz, C., Massberg, S. & Stark, K. Immunity (2023). 

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REMIniscence of aldosterone's role in myocardial remodelling. Beer, B. N. & Schrage, B. Eur J Heart Fail (2023). 

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Paper of the Month

Global Effect of Modifiable Risk Factors on Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality. DZHK-authors: Christine Magnussen, Marcus Dörr, Anette Peters, Raphael Twerenbold, Philipp S. Wild, Andreas Ziegler, Stefan Blankenberg, Wolfgang König, Karl J. Lackner, David M. Leistner, Thiess Lorenz, Julia Waibel. New England Journal of Medicine. 2023.

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Paper of the Month

Immune-mediated denervation of the pineal gland underlies sleep disturbance in cardiac disease. Ziegler, K. A., Ahles, A., Dueck, A., Esfandyari, D., Pichler, P., Weber, K., Kotschi, S., Bartelt, A., Sinicina, I., Graw, M., Leonhardt, H., Weckbach, L. T., Massberg, S., Schifferer, M., Simons, M., Hoeher, L., Luo, J., Erturk, A., Schiattarella, G. G., Sassi, Y., Misgeld, T. & Engelhardt, S. Science 381, 285-290 (2023).

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Paper of the Month

Cardiomuscular Biomarkers in the Diagnosis and Prognostication of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Myocarditis. Lehmann LH., Heckmann MB., Bailly G., Finke D., Procureur A., Power JR., Stein F., Bretagne M., Ederhy S., Fenioux C., Hamwy O., Funck-Brentano E., Romano E., Pieroni L., Münster JP., Allenbach Y., Anquetil C., Leonard-Louis S., Palaskas NL., Hayek SS., Katus HA., Giannitsis E., Frey N., Kaya Z., Moslehi J., Prifti E., Salem JE. Circulation. 148, 473-486, (2023).

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Characterizing alternative splicing effects on protein interaction networks with LINDA. Gjerga, E., Naarmann-de Vries, I. S. & Dieterich, C. Bioinformatics 39, i458-i464 (2023).

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Paper of the Month

The RNA editor ADAR2 promotes immune cell trafficking by enhancing endothelial responses to interleukin-6 during sterile inflammation. Gatsiou A., Tual-Chalot S., Napoli M., Ortega-Gomez A., Regen T., Badolia R., Cesarini V., Garcia-Gonzalez C., Chevre R., Ciliberti G., Silvestre-Roig C., Martini M., Hoffmann J., Hamouche R., Visker JR., Diakos N., Wietelmann A., Silvestris DA., Georgiopoulos G., Moshfegh A., Schneider A., Chen W., Guenther S., Backs J., Kwak S., Selzman CH., Stamatelopoulos K., Rose-John S., Trautwein C., Spyridopoulos I., Braun T., Waisman A., Gallo A., Drakos SG., Dimmeler S., Sperandio M., Soehnlein O., Stellos K. Immunity. 56, 979-997, (2023).

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Paper of the Month

Immobility-associated thromboprotection is conserved across mammalian species from bear to human. Thienel, M., Muller-Reif, J. B., Zhang, Z., Ehreiser, V., Huth, J., Shchurovska, K., Kilani, B., Schweizer, L., Geyer, P. E., Zwiebel, M., Novotny, J., Lusebrink, E., Little, G., Orban, M., Nicolai, L., El Nemr, S., Titova, A., Spannagl, M., Kindberg, J., Evans, A. L., Mach, O., Vogel, M., Tiedt, S., Ormanns, S., Kessler, B., Dueck, A., Friebe, A., Jorgensen, P. G., Majzoub-Altweck, M., Blutke, A., Polzin, A., Stark, K., Kaab, S., Maier, D., Gibbins, J. M., Limper, U., Frobert, O., Mann, M., Massberg, S. & Petzold, T. Science380, 178-187 (2023).

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Paper of the Month

The DZHK research platform: maximisation of scientific value by enabling access to health data and biological samples collected in cardiovascular clinical studies. Hoffmann, J., Hanss, S., Kraus, M., Schaller, J., Schafer, C., Stahl, D., Anker, S. D., Anton, G., Bahls, T., Blankenberg, S., Blumentritt, A., Boldt, L. H., Cordes, S., Desch, S., Doehner, W., Dorr, M., Edelmann, F., Eitel, I., Endres, M., Engelhardt, S., Erdmann, J., Eulenburg, K., Falk, V., Felix, S. B., Frank, D., Franke, T., Frey, N., Friede, T., Geidel, L., Germans, L., Grabmaier, U., Halle, M., Hausleiter, J., Jakobi, V., Jebran, A. F., Jobs, A., Kaab, S., Karakas, M., Katus, H. A., Klatt, A., Knosalla, C., Krebser, J., Landmesser, U., Lee, M., Lehnert, K., Lesser, S., Leyh, K., Lorbeer, R., Mach-Kolb, S., Meder, B., Nagel, E., Nolte, C. H., Parwani, A. S., Petersmann, A., Puls, M., Rau, H., Reiser, M., Rienhoff, O., Scharfe, T., Schattschneider, M., Scheel, H., Schnabel, R. B., Schuster, A., Schmitt, B., Seidler, T., Seiffert, M., Stahli, B. E., Stas, A., T, J. S., von Stulpnagel, L., Thiele, H., Wachter, R., Wakili, R., Weis, T., Weitmann, K., Wichmann, H. E., Wild, P., Zeller, T., Hoffmann, W., Zeisberg, E. M., Zimmermann, W. H., Krefting, D., Kuhne, T., Peters, A., Hasenfuss, G., Massberg, S., Sommer, T., Dimmeler, S., Eschenhagen, T. & Nauck, M. Clin Res Cardiol(2023).

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Paper of the Month



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Paper of the Month

Loss of soluble guanylyl cyclase in platelets contributes to atherosclerotic plaque formation and vascular inflammation. DZHK authors: Carina Mauersberger, Hendrik Sager, Tan An Dang, Laura Lambrecht, Heribert Schunkert, Thorsten Kessler. Nat Cardiovasc Res (2022). doi: 10.1038/s44161-022-00175-w

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