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Prof. Dr. Marcus Dörr
Deputy partner site spokesperson
(University Medicine Greifswald)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jens Fielitz
Deputy partner site spokesperson
(University Medicine Greifswald)

Dr. Stefan Groß
Partner site manager
(University Medicine Greifswald)
phone: +49 38 348680 063

Administrative assistant to the partner site manager:
Susanne Lange
phone: +49 3834 86 7779

Administrative assistant to the partner site manager:
Kornelia Sadewasser
phone: +49 3834 86 5093

Principal Investigators

Profile of Partner Site

With the research project CARDIO-PREVENT (Cardiovascular Event Prevention Research Centre Greifswald), the University Medicine Greifswald is contributing its longstanding expertise in population-based studies (Study of Health in Pomerania [SHIP]), personalised medicine (Greifswald Approach in Individualized Medicine [GANI_MED]) and OMICS analyses (metabolomics, proteomics) to the DZHK. 

The DZHK partner site Greifswald has set itself the goal of preventing the onset and/or progression of cardiovascular disease. CARDIO-PREVENT systematically investigates the effect of changes in lifestyle, such as diet, physical activity and psychosocial characteristics on the development and progression of cardiovascular disease. The aim is to develop new and practical treatment concepts. For this long-term research project, an extensive cardiovascular examination programme with certified examiners shall be established in the Greifswald medical examination centre. The establishment of a biobank with modern, integrated OMICS analyses of samples of blood, saliva and urine shall enable the identification of new risk markers of cardiovascular disease. 

The partner site is represented by various institutes and departments of the University Medicine Greifswald: The Department of Internal Medicine B, the Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, the Institute for Community Medicine, the Interfaculty Institute for Genetics and Functional Genomics and the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine pool their expertise here.

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