Ostsee-Herztag 2018


Pro- and Reprogramming the heart: A Göttingen DZHK meeting on cardiac developmental and reprogramming tools

Göttingen (DZHK-zufinanzierter Kongress)

The Heart by Numbers: Integrating Theory, Computation and Experiment to Advance Research and Therapy

Berlin (DZHK-zufinanzierter Kongress)

5. Young-DZHK-Retreat

Königstein im Taunus

6. DZHK-Retreat

Königstein im Taunus

Klinische Psychokardiologie - Wo stehen wir heute?

Göttingen (DZHK-zufinanzierter Kongress)

14th DHZB Lange Symposium: Congenital Shunt Lesions - Anything New to Consider?

Berlin (unter Schirmherrschaft des DZHK)

5th e:Med Meeting on systems medicine


DGK Herztage 2018


Bridging silos. Mobile technology-enhanced TeamCare as a holistic approach to care for somatic, psychological, and behavioral needs of cardiac patients

Göttingen (DZHK-zufinanzierter Kongress)

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2018


Joint Dutch German Vascular Biology meeting

Amsterdam (unter Schirmherrschaft des DZHK)

2nd DZHK Conference on Translational Medicine